Fly With Me. . .cherishing life’s simple peaceful moments

The morning in it’s usual rush, I pack two crates of puppies and one overloaded purse into the car.  Heading down the pot-holed graveled driveway, I balance tuning the radio and holding my chocolate breakfast shake level.  God is singing His best tunes as I navigate the back country roads.  Mastering the pitted gravel, a cloud of dust trails behind.  In spite of the Lord in my ear, the distance to travel gives way to thoughts uninterrupted.
My life, like this road. . .more often than not. . .winding, sometimes heading off in a different direct, bumpy, dirty, broken.  How often my busy blinds me from the bumpy youth.  At the end of the dirt road is the highway.  I sip on a straw, left blinker on and sift through the traffic for my moment.  It’s the morning rush, and I barely sneak through to get my spot on what is now a newly paved lane.  Bumper to bumper we slow down to pass the workers laying the lane next to us.  The smell, the sight, the smooth feel behind the wheel, my mind forgets the traffic, the speed limit, and I’m 6 yrs old.
 I remember that visit to Dad’s in Round Rock, Texas.  He rented bikes for us that summer.  An all time high since I didn’t have one back home at moms.  Nervous at first, I gained momentum and was soon traveling the newly paved neighborhood road.  There’s just something about a newly paved road that gives pleasure to travel.  Nothing to knock me down or trip me up.  There I was, 6 yrs old. . .a broken home and tumultuous daily life melted into that hot ground beneath me.  Nothing mattered.  For a moment in time the wind in my hair, the smell of the pavement, the sticky glue sound when the tire worked the road- all was fine.  All was forgotten.  Like eagles wings, my Lord carried me far away from my sorrows, my hurt, my pain.  His radiance warmed my face and I was at peace.
These moments, these little brief moments He has given throughout my entire life.  If even for just one small, simple moment, he grants peace, happiness, joy.  He is leading, I am following. . .falling into His arms.  I rest.  A smooth road to travel.  And I take them.  Moment by moment, like stepping stones throughout my life.  When all seems broken.  When the sin of this world rears it’s ugly head and knocks me down.. . .tries to swallow my joy.  He lifts my head. . .I open my eyes. . .raise my arms. . .cry out to my God who created this world and fall back into His loving arms.  And He fills me with his joy.  My stepping stone. . .in the form of His peaceful moments found in the most simplest of things.  The belly laugh of a child; the glow of a sun setting beyond the pasture; the sound of a snoring husband returning from a long trip; a garden grown over; a still soft voice calling to me from pages in the Bible.
Traffic now cleared, my straw hits the last drops of shake at the bottom of the cup.  I slurp to the end, and roll down my window.  The fresh black, the sticky against the tires. . .I smile through tears as my Lord lifts me on His wings, I close my window and foot to peddle, I fly.

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